• CNN Poll of Polls: Clinton lead holds steady
  • WikiLeaks-released memo outlines Bill Clinton’s lucrative speeches
  • What (more) we’ve learned about Clinton’s circle, Neera Tanden from email hack
  • Man Booker Prize: Paul Beatty becomes first US winner for The Sellout – BBC News
  • Trump campaign manager: We are vetting people for Trump’s cabinet

CNN Poll of Polls: Clinton lead holds steady

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton’s lead in the national horserace has held steady despite some flashes of tightening in state polls over the last week, according to CNN’s most recent Poll of Polls. The average of the five most recent national surveys shows Clinton with 47% support and Donald Trump at 41%. Libertarian Gary Johnson has seen his standing drop since last week by 2 percentage points to 5% and Jill Stein…


WikiLeaks-released memo outlines Bill Clinton’s lucrative speeches

(CNN)A memo written by one of Bill Clinton’s closest aides highlights the lucrative speaking deals the former president had with some of the biggest companies in the world. The 2011 memo, marked “Attorney-Client Privilege” was sent by Doug Band to two attorneys who were doing a review of the way the Foundation was being run; it was included in the cache of stolen emails released by WikiLeaks this week.


What (more) we’ve learned about Clinton’s circle, Neera Tanden from email hack

Washington (CNN)When it comes to the Hillary Clinton brand, as she once wrote, it takes a village. Hacked emails from Clinton’s campaign manager’s private Gmail reveal a cast of characters working behind the presidential candidate, who at times expressed frustration with her and with each other over bad habits or secrecy amid the crush of campaign strategizing and the highs and lows of the cycle.


Man Booker Prize: Paul Beatty becomes first US winner for The Sellout – BBC News

“I hate writing,” he admitted later in the speech. “This is a hard book,” he went on. “It was a hard for me to write, I know it’s hard to read. Everyone’s coming at it from different angles.” Image copyright Reuters Image caption Shortlisted authors (from left) Paul Beatty, Deborah Levy, Graeme Macrae Burnet, Ottessa Moshfegh, David Szalay and Madeleine Thien, The novel is narrated by Bonbon – a resident…


Trump campaign manager: We are vetting people for Trump’s cabinet

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday people are being actively vetted for positions in the Republican nominee’s cabinet to be ready if he wins the presidency. “Have you been actively vetting people as we speak right now for positions?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Conway. Who is Kellyanne Conway? Trayvon Martin unmentioned as Trump talks of blacks getting shot in the city he died in “We show Hillary…


Amy Schumer had Beyonc’s approval to parody ‘Formation’

(CNN)Amy Schumer is taking Twitter heat for her parody of “Formation,” but sources with knowledge of the situation told CNN the comedian had Beyonc’s blessing to use the song. Schumer’s video features the star with Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack lip-syncing and dancing to “Formation,” shot while they were on location filming a movie together. The video was first released Friday on Tidal, the music-streaming platform owned by…


Autism study shows benefits when parents get involved

(CNN)For millions of families around the world, autism poses daily challenges. Some parents find it difficult or even impossible to communicate with their own children or understand how they perceive the world around them. This mental condition can also affect their child’s ability to interact socially or show emotion, and often create a desire for repetitive behaviors. But a new study published Tuesday in the Lancet has showed that parents…


Reality Check: Did the Clintons corrupt an FBI investigation?

Washington (CNN)It was the kind of story that, at first blush, might seem like there was something fishy going on. On Sunday night, the Wall Street Journal reported that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a close ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton, had helped raise more than $675,000 for the campaign of a candidate whose spouse is an FBI official. That official later turned out to have a supervisory role in…


Group sues Florida county after marijuana omission on ballot

Washington (CNN)An interest group lobbying for the legalization of medical marijuana is suing one of Florida’s largest counties after reports emerged that their favored constitutional amendment was nowhere to be found on some ballots. The Florida chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) last week said it would file suit against the Broward County Commissioner of Elections, which oversees balloting in the county home to…


1,000-Pound Woman Trying To Get Help For Weight Problem

 (CEN) A 36-year-old woman in northern Egypt hasnt left her home in 25 years due to her size she weighs 1,102 pounds. Iman Ahmad Abdulati is now hoping to get help, Central European News (CEN) reported. More on this… World’s heaviest person walks for first time after weight loss Source article at =>http://www.foxnews.com/ Recommended ProductsMints App 2.0 Performance Package The performance upgrade of Mints App 2.0WP Image App Get It…


Heathrow expansion decision imminent – BBC News

Airport expansion: The cost of delays New runways for Heathrow and Gatwick? The chequered history of UK airport expansion The issue of where to expand airport capacity in the UK has vexed politicians for years and there are strong divisions within the government. Prime Minister Theresa May told the Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions last week the subject had been “debated, discussed and speculated on for 40 years”. Heathrow is…


Trump: ‘I actually think we’re winning’

(CNN)Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters in Florida Monday that he is in the lead in the race for the White House, despite being behind in the majority of national polls. “Some great polls have just come out. I believe we’re actually winning,” Trump said, slamming the mainstream media. The GOP presidential candidate went on to cite two polls, which he said show him leading Clinton.


Oscars: Best Actress race starts to take shape

(CNN)The Academy Award nominations won’t be unveiled for another three months, but at least one of the major races has already been shaken up. Viola Davis, whose performance in the adaptation of August Wilson’s “Fences” had been earning her rave reviews, has decided to compete as a supporting actress for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, CNN has confirmed. It had been presumed the “How to Get Away with Murder” star…


Lawmaker: Pentagon Internet plan could let Russia snoop on troops

Washington (CNN)A US congressman is warning a new Pentagon effort to provide troops with Internet service could give the Russians access to their personal information. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, wrote to the Pentagon on Friday charging its plan to offer low-cost Internet service to troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan “creates unnecessary security risks.”


Amadeus opera: NT homecoming in fine tune – BBC News

Shaffer, who died in June this year, was more comfortable writing melodrama than most of his contemporaries – but he also brought cheeky humour to the story. Audiences adored the show. When it transferred to Broadway, with Ian McKellen and Tim Curry, it ran almost three years. Image copyright National Theatre Image caption Adam Gillen has learned a lot about classical music and its creators in order to play the…


Why she put a price on her virginity

(CNN)At one of Nevada’s infamous legal brothels, a 20-year-old woman recently signed up for work — but not to have sex. Go inside Nevada’s legal brothels on “This is Life with Lisa Ling” Sunday, October 23 at 10 p.m. ET. Instead, Katherine Stone, who dreams of one day becoming a lawyer, planned to sell something other women working at the bordello couldn’t offer: Her virginity. Like the brothels themselves, Stone’s…


Rocking out with Norway’s extreme metal singers

(CNN)Norway has been ranked as the world’s most prosperous country for seven years running. For the last 12 years, it has been ranked No. 1 on the United Nations’ list of most livable countries. Social media Follow @CNNPhotos on Twitter to join the conversation about photography. “Some say it is the biggest cultural export from Norway,” Bendiksen said. “Whether that be true or not, the volume of records sold is…


Mark Rylance ‘snubs’ RSC in BP sponsorship row – BBC News

Media captionThe Oscar-winning actor says he would refuse to perform at the RSC while BP is a sponsor Rylance, who is an associate artist at the RSC, says artists are “being used to whitewash” the energy company. In July 2016, BP pledged 7.5m over five years to the Royal Opera House, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Shakespeare Company from 2018. The RSC says sponsorship is an important part…


Airport expansion: New runways for Heathrow and Gatwick? – BBC News

The independent Airports Commission, which issued its final report last year, pointed out that London’s airport system would be using 90 percent of available capacity by 2030. Even under relatively pessimistic forecasts, it said, by 2040 all London airports would be full, with the exception of Stansted. Image copyright Jeffrey Milstein/Gatwick Airport Image caption Gatwick Airport from above Why Theo wrote this article We asked readers to send BBC Business…